Everything in One Place

AIWA features a convenient dashboard to select your network, select your active wallet, view outgoing transactions, and view more details about the active token.

Send and Receive

AIWA allows you easily send and receive AION and other AIP-4 tokens. To send, simply choose the wallet you want to use, enter a destination wallet address, and send. Receiving is even easier: display your current wallet address by pressing "Receive" and either scan the QR code or copy the address.

Distributed App Interaction

AIWA allows you to interact with distributed apps on Aion without running an Aion node. DApps can be authorized to perform transactions without being exposed to your private keys or seed words.

Security and Compatibility

AIWA stores your account information in a vault which is encrypted using a password you choose. Wallets generated by AIWA are stored using a seed phrase, and imported wallets are stored either by private key or by seed phrase. AIWA's vault allows you to easily back up or move all of your accounts using a single vault file. AIWA also allows you to export individual accounts for compatibility with other Aion wallets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find more information about Aion?

Head over to https://aion.network to learn about Aion and how it works, how you can use it, and the community that exists.

What's the difference between a vault and a wallet?

A wallet is an object that can be used to store Aion or ATS tokens. A wallet corresponds to either a private key or a seed phrase.

A vault is a single file that contains your AIWA-generated seed phrase, as well as any imported seed phrases or private keys. It is proprietary to AIWA at this time, but it does provide the easiest way to transfer your AIWA data to another instance of Chrome.

How do I start developing Aion DApps?

We have a page dedicated to that question at getaiwa.com/developers! You can also find more general information at https://aion.network/developers/.

I have a encountered a problem or found a bug

First, have a look on the AIWA Github issue tracker. If the issue doesn't exist yet, feel free to create one.

I have a suggestion or feature request

Feel free to send an email to aiwa@getaiwa.com or Tweet at BlockX Labs detailing what and why and we'll consider it. Suggestions are always appreciated!

How can I port AIWA to my blockchain?

Just get in touch! BlockX Labs would love to help you out.

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