AIWA Sample DApp

Grant Access

This button allows for your account information to be injected into the DApp. AIWA can prevent this on privacy mode for security.


The get count function reads the current state of the counter in the contract. This is a get call.


The write functions change the state of the blockchain by incrementing or decrementing the counter in the contract.


Sends Aion coins to the payable function in the contract.


Deploys a contract. Solidity code is already compiled to bytecode and it sends a transaction with no address and the compiled code to be executed.

Signs a message with your private key. Can be used to prove a specific user verified an action.

Creates a raw transaction. This can be sent to a blockchain and as long as the nonce has not been incremented on the account the transaction will be valid.

Sends TST token. You don't have this, so it will fail. However, look at the example code to see how this works.

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